x Periood 21.11.2016 - 20.11.2017 viiakse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt „Wivel Starditoetus” summas 15 000 EUR mille raames toimub “Wiveltracker-i” tootmestamine ning turule toomine. Starditoetuse projekti eesmärgiks on Wivel seadmele tutvustava video loomine, pakendi,- ning mobiilirakenduse „W-Works“ väljatöötamine.

Design of Wivel 

Over the last 1.5 years, Wivel has had different looks over the developing process. It’s been a long journey of obstacles to overcome and comprises to be made between the looks, size, simplicity, durability, functionality. Our very first renderings where done in November 2014, just before we entered Prototron accelerator program. Funny thing is that back then we had no clue that we are actually going to use HDMI cable connectors in our final product. 



Our very first real built prototype, proof of concept with external antenna, and 20Hz GPS looked like this. As this was just a proof of concept, we did not pay any attention the look.



Then we moved over to more complex design with two separate PCB's and USB connector. 



We thought it would be cool to remove Wivel from its dock. Primary reason for this was for Wivel to act as a key. In a case of multiple cars, you could easily buy multiple dock and wire applications and just one Wivel stick.



Sleek and elegant

At this time, we set ourselves another goal beside building a perfect hardware. We started to work on the design ideas, making it sleeker and elegant. 




Unfortunately, USB transmission inside the device added too much complexity and restrictions to housing design.  


We wanted Wivel to be perfect

As described earlier, our earlier designs have some flaws. So we keep ourselves busy by redesigning over and over again. We wanted to maintain its functionality, versatility and same time become smarter, smaller, thinner and have unique looks. This is something you don’t get right at the first time.  


By chasing for the best possible, we took major step forward and decided to hand Wivel over to Tõnis Liivamägi (CEO and Founder of  KINOTEHNIK) for final polishing. In case you did not know, Kinotehnik is the company who creates innovative cinematography solutions like worlds famous  LCDVF that turns your video enabled DSLR LCD screen into a huge electronic viewfinder for precise image evaluation. You should also check out their latest creation The Practilite 602, the world's first and smallest bi-color, variable beam smartphone controlled LED light.  



As you can imagine Tõnis has substantial experience designing and manufacturing electronical devices, not to mention he is a very nice guy to work with. Before we hit the right path we had few different versions: 

  • Wivel with adjustable antenna, that is also removable


  • Wivel with different structural look 


  • Wivel with Go-pro style mount + adjustable bracket


By skipping the adjustable antenna and making the whole unit adjustable we managed to improve Wivel housing structural rigidity that is especially important for motorbikes and go-carts. By adding special bracket that would accept any Go-pro style mount would make the installation of Wivel easy and clean.


This kind of solution also enables installations to many imaginary locations and due to adjustable angle, the GPS reception won’t be compromised. 


Final result

Something that we are very satisfied with. Beside the good unique looks we found the elements that are unique to Wivel: 

  • Removable antenna,
  • Hidden microSD card slot
  • Bracket that is compatible with any Go-Pro style mount
  • Its relatively small size 95*45*12mm

    We think it’s perfect now and hope that our clients will appreciate its modern looks, functionality, size and branding.














        By Markus Trei