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Working with the best - Harry's Laptimer

We are proud to announce the start of our co-operation with Harry’s LapTimer, the world's bestselling data recording tool for car and bike enthusiasts.


Wiveltracker and LapTimer are a great fit and share a common idea. Both of the products are born on the racetrack, they are developed by racers for racers.  


hoto courtesy: http://www.crankandpiston.com/


Harry’s LapTimer’s history goes back to 2006 when it has been the first app data recording tool – using PalmOS at this time. Harry developed it to record his own performance on famous German Nordschleife / Nürburgring, also known as “Green Hell”. Those who have ever driven in Nürburgring, know that it is one of the toughest track in the world with its twists and turns, full of blind spots that are very hard to remember. 


Photo courtesy: http://www.bridgetogantry.com


Key to accuracy is a nice and clean data 

A lap timer can only be as good as the data it gets to process. This is the area where Wiveltracker comes in. Smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS are not factory-calibrated for the precision measuring. We are covering the accuracy of Wivel in one of our earlier blog post. If you are interested to find out. Have a look! 


Today we want to make sure that none of Harry’s customers would need to rely on the data stream from individual devices such as GPS mice and OBD dongles, but would rather benefit from a purpose build hardware which is designed specifically for a given application.


Harry's LapTimer is available in three editions named Rookie, Petrolhead, GrandPrix​. Edition’s type defines the set of functionality provided and addresses different requirement levels. 

More info about versions and functionalities in Harry's website



Videos recorded by Laptimer users: 

Video 1 BMW M3



Video 4 KTM X-BOW

Or check out other Laptimer videos in Harry's YouTube channel 


Wiveltracker and Laptimer

Integration are well underway. The integration will be plug & play and fully optimized to provide our clients possible the best value for money today. As Jackie Stewart once said "It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance." 


Stay tuned........

By Markus Trei
Allikas: www.gps-laptimer.de