x Periood 21.11.2016 - 20.11.2017 viiakse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt „Wivel Starditoetus” summas 15 000 EUR mille raames toimub “Wiveltracker-i” tootmestamine ning turule toomine. Starditoetuse projekti eesmärgiks on Wivel seadmele tutvustava video loomine, pakendi,- ning mobiilirakenduse „W-Works“ väljatöötamine.

WIVEL - our story



Being a complete car nut myself I have always looked for smart and cost effective solutions to improve my car and my driving skills. And I have to admit I am kind of a gadget freak - always hungry for new, powerful, innovative stuff. When I look back to the past I can see that every car that I had, every project that I was working on helped me to develop who am I today. 


When working on my cars, best value for money is what I’ve always been after, even if that meant to build something with your own hands. Ask any car enthusiasts, it is an expensive hobby! You better be smart and think, out of box because wrong decisions can be very expensive.  



The beginning


For Wivel it’s been pretty much the same. It all started when I was still working as a marketing director on one of the newest and best racetracks in Northern Europe - http://www.auto24ring.ee. I saw how many people used their phones to record all kinds of data, but it lacked the professional approach because there was no purpose built hardware available. There are many professional data-loggers out there but unfortunately for most of these solutions are way too expensive to bolt it on to your weekend warrior, your hobby car. 



I saw the niche and idea for Wivel started to grow  



In the beginning I was completely on my own knew nothing about electronic development and so the idea was just bouncing inside of my head for a while until I met Eero. Luckily Eero is not your average hardware engineer but he shares the same passion for cars as I do. With his expertise and hard work we were able to continuously develop our product further. Eero is our co-founder and the smartest guy in our team. 


Our 1st success



Back in 2014 an opportunity opened up to participate in http://www.prototron.ee accelerator program. Back on that time “Wise Velocity Project” was the name what we were doing. We were lucky to get chosen to top 3 companies that got funded. Big thanks for Prototron expert committee for believing in us. Wisevelocity LTD was established and real work with Wivel started from that point. Our product got its name also during that time. Name Wivel comes from two words: Wise Velocity – that is also the name of our company. 



Ever since we have developed our product and idea further. We have developed 3 different prototypes, and spend countless hours of improving it by making it better, smarter, lighter, smaller, better looking, more powerful. I could say that working on Wivel is very similar as if I was working on my car, my hobby and we are very close to the point where we are 100% satisfied with it. Our team has also grown. I’ve been fortunate to have business partners who are 100% car enthusiasts 100% business people at the same time




As this is our very first blog post I truly hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope to see you here again 

Markus Trei

CEO and founder of Wivel

By Markus Trei